10 Great Ideas for the First 5 Days of School

21st century tools Aug 08, 2016

August finishes out a season of rest and respite for the teachers of the world and invites a period of rejuvenation to follow.  It's a time when spirits are high, and a fresh whiteboard is waiting for us to color it with our trade.  It's also the time we begin our ceaseless search for new ideas and innovative approaches to shake up last year's material.

So to help you on your quest for a fresh start, I've put together an edgy little guidebook for you, which will hopefully inspire you to 'edovate'!

By clicking on the image above, you'll get instant access to this super awesome guidebook in your inbox, AND you'll officially be part of my mailing list 'VibeTribe'...those awesome people who'll get access to many, many more resources like this to come!

You in?!


I can't wait to navigate this brave, new, 21st-century world of education with you...one edovative idea at a time.

Happy Trailblazin',


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