5 Simple Writing Activities to Jumpstart Your Student Writers (ELA Grades 6-12)

The academic essay holds a lot of weight in our classrooms. It's our primary means for teaching the foundations of writing, but is teaching the academic essay alone the best for our students?

No, it’s not…and I am sure you already knew that!

Although we can’t get rid of the academic essay, what we need to do is make room for the practical application of writing skills in our classroom as well.

I want to share with you five different writing activities to jumpstart your student writers to make the writing process a more authentic one for your students. 

Let’s start with and place an emphasis on argumentative writing. It’s one of those key writing skills our students need in today's world, in a high school setting, etc.

Go ahead and fund me!

Let me give you quick context. Many, many moons ago when Alexander Pope was translating the Iliad into English, it took him five years to do it. Obviously, you're not going to work for free for five years. So...

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