Forget Traditional Classroom Management, Build Student Agency the Right Way

Classroom Management…let’s rethink it shall we?

You probably agree with me when I say that some days, I would rate myself a 10/10 on my classroom management skills. Then, there are other days when I could easily rate myself a 2/10. 

It’s tough to keep it consistent all day, EVERY day, but classroom management affects the structure and flow of our lesson plans as well as our general classroom environment.

So, instead of focusing on the typical conversation about how to better our classroom management skills, the essential question we are going to chase after here is the following:

What can we do to get our own students to spark and manage their OWN learning without us having to exert so much energy in that department? 

Think of how more effective and productive our classrooms would be if we as teachers could allocate that energy elsewhere like feedback or support. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities and maybe with a little practice, we...

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