Hi, I'm Jill...


I'm here to help high school ELA teachers:

1 | develop authentic learning experiences

2 | teach writing in real contexts

3 | focus on the tangible application of skill


Why jillpavich.com?


Alright, admit it...you *like* your job. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you might even love it. I have a feeling that's why you're here, am 'ma right?

It may just be a hunch, but something tells me you're the kind of teacher who's always looking for creative, new ways to reach your students. No two school years look alike in your classroom. 

And your kids freakin' love you because you *get* them. You make every effort to keep it fresh and get on. their. level...

You're the kind of teacher whose classroom kids walk into and immediately sigh...like, 'best part of my day' type of sigh. After all, it's a pretty warm and inviting place to be...and you know just the right mix of 'yo, man' with 'let's-get-'er-done' momentum. 


If you're reading this right now, chances are you're the kind of teacher who isn't afraid to pick up a brand new curriculum, and take on the challenge of teaching something new...even if you're 25 years into the biz. 

You love a challenge. You embrace change. And dammit, you take risks.

And for my newbies out there, if you're reading this right now but you have yet to teach a day in your life, you envision yourself as all of the above because you know this is the kind of teacher you hope to manifest as you gain experience in the field of education.

Whoever you are, I know you're a genuine, heart-centered professional. A forever-kid yourself because you're always down to play with new ideas. 

And that's why you're here, why you landed on my digital doorstep. I think you're the kind of teacher I'd make fast friends with in the planning room, matter of fact... 

Because you eat, sleep, and breathe this profession, and because you put both feet forward every day to make it worth your students' while.

Yeah, you're THAT teacher.

So that's why jillpavich.com is your ultimate basecamp when it comes to lesson planning inspiration and pedagogical uplift

My *mission* is to give you the tools you need to keep your classroom up to speed with this e'er-changin' world we're teachin' in...

I know you're a straight-up educator, and I know how much you care. But I also know you've got a lot on your plate. Between teaching, grading, tutoring, lesson planning, meetings, home life + eat, sleep, repeat...your days are long, ma' friend!

Have you ever caught yourself saying, 'I sure wish I could just freeze time, plan like a mad (wo)man, then hit play on my school year again'??

Dude, finding time in a packed schedule to keep up with the latest trends in education is definitely not easy!

That's why you've got this shoulder to lean on...

I'm here to pave a smooth path for you in 21st century teaching.

You're here because you know that the same set of skills we were taught in the past as students ourselves, are NOT the tools today's kids need to conquer the problems of tomorrow.

They need (and deserve!) more...

You're here because you're part of the trailblazin' path of dedicated teachers out there who are hell-bent on making learning matter. 

I'm here as a source of inspiration, support, mentorship, and all-around professional commradarie, because face it...just like our students need us, we need each other!

You're here.

DUDE! I'm SO glad you're here...

It's time to be the change we wish to see up in this -ish...!

Yo, I'm Jill...

I've been keepin' it real in the classroom since 2004...I live on coffee and lesson planning, and teaching is my absolute superpower. 


(AKA what makes me sound pretty cool on paper)

  • Founding owner, head-Rogue, edPioneer Consulting, LLC
  • Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction (ELA 6-12)
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, ELA 6-12
  • Minor in writing
  • Nationally Board-Certified Teacher, 2009-present
  • ESOL-endorsed
  • Reading-endorsed
  • Published author, Cambridge University Press (CUP)
  • Curriculum consultant for Cambridge International Assessment Examinations (CAIE)
  • Accredited Teacher Trainer, CAIE
  • Department Head, AP Capstone program @ BRCHS
  • Team Leader @ BRCHS (i.e. AS Level English General Paper)
  • Team Leader @ BRCHS (AS Level Global Perspectives & Research)
  • Dwyer Award Finalist for teaching excellence, 2016
  • Founder, The Global Pen Blog (2012-2015)


(AKA 'me', unapologetically)

1 part teacher, 3 parts dreamer, 1/2 cup wreckless inspiration.

Smiling because I’m happy.
Laughing because I’m scared.
Breathing because I’m blessed.

Doesn’t wake up without Starbucks.
Doesn’t go down without a fight.
Groovin’ in between.

Doesn’t mind losing her mind to follow her heart.
BELIEVER in the power of one.

Mommy, writer, wife, daughter, sister.


    • Yoga
    • travel
    • rock, paper, scissors
    • carbs
    • the 1st amendment
    • oceans that breathe salty
    • Julia Cameron
    • the Stillers (as in, Pittsburgh)
    • steady rain (though not purple...sorry, Prince!)
    • miracles
    • Vietnam War literature
    • indie music
    • gangsta rap
    • July in Pennsylvania
    • That scene in Family Guy where Stewie keeps asking the dog how his 'little novel' is coming along
    • rollercoasters
    • Orwellian paranoia 
    • bees
    • Dharma
    • managing mischief, and other Potterisms
    • having soul without being a soldier  
    • profundity
    • Saving the Empire
    • Abundance
    • All my children (as in, Willow + Phoenix + Chewy-dog)
    • My husband's unshakablely genuine spirit
    • unfailing support from that one friend in the world (yeah, you, Auntie Eri...)
    • a nod of approval from Mom + Dad (yeah, I'm that kid...)


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