10 Nontraditional Gift Ideas for Teachers

Feb 09, 2021

Teachers need a little love.

I think we all know that. Whether they are trying to get kindergarteners to unmute themselves on a virtual learning call or spending their weekends learning the newest trend in education, teachers are working hard to make sure our kids are safe, loved, and learning.

If you are anything like me, sometimes words just don’t seem like enough. 

We all know the old saying that 'actions speak louder than words,' and for a teacher, a well-timed gift is unexpected, greatly appreciated, and sometimes (if I'm being totally honest) even tear-inducing!

If you want to show your teachers extra appreciation by getting them a little something-something, you can definitely stick with the go-tos and get a gift card for coffee, but if you made it this far, maybe you are considering going with a nontraditional route. 

10 Nontraditional Gift Ideas for Teachers

1| Custom ‘Word’ Jewelry from Myintent.org

Usually, you would buy one of these bracelets, selecting a power word for yourself. But why not surprise your favorite teacher with a bracelet featuring a kind word you (or the whole class!) selected uniquely for that person! That way, you'll be sure to lift your teacher's spirits and keep them teaching at a top-notch level each and every time they glance down at their wrist!

2| Inspiration Cards

Nothing says inspiration like a powerful quote or reminder to keep the cheer. Put a smile on your teacher's face with this fancy pack of inspiration cards they can draw inspo from every day of the week, and they'll have you to thank!

The Big Box of Happiness is a good set to check out!

3| Mindfulness Journal

A mindfulness journal encourages reflection and gratitude. Include a personal note encouraging your teacher to keep track of ‘the things kids say and do’ that make him/her happy. Then when they are having a tough day, they can pull it out and smile at all the silly that they have been experienced this year and reflect on the lives they’ve helped mold.

One mindful journal I like is Present, Not Perfect.

4| TpT gift card

I know the standard gift card go-to for educators is usually Starbucks, but this year, why not treat your teachers to the gift of Teachers Pay Teachers, where tons of engaging lesson plans are ready for digital download. Keep your teachers inspired, and help them out when they're in a pinch for lesson plans, too! Either way, you'll certainly be the one benefiting on the other end.

5| PaddyWax Lavender + Thyme soy wax candle

Hand-poured in the USA, this candle is oh so good to the soul with it's calming lavender scent, but also oh-so-good for the environment! A great addition to the classroom or teach-from-home environments!

6| Trending Teacher Shirts

Your teacher already wears the proverbial heart-on-sleeve when it comes to how much they love their job, but why not help them celebrate the very best parts about being an educator with a statement T?!

Check out TrendyTeachers.com for t-shirt ideas, or if you'd like to support black lives past, present, and future, consider visiting @werestoremore or AlfredsLaundry.com for ideas  

7| Personalized Lanyards

Teachers always have their keys on them...like always. Why not give them a little something special to help carry those keys on. These personalized lanyards are great for keeping teacher’s keys close while also looking fabulous. If this one is not your teacher’s style, search on Etsy for even more lanyard options!

8| Shop Local!

Support your teachers and your community all at the same time by getting teachers a gift (or gift card) from a small, local business.

Teachers are always down for a Mani/Pedi or a massage. 

And don't forget about the services! Let's be honest...I even loved getting gift cards for free car washes!

9| Book Art

A teacher’s classroom is like their home away from home. These days, the teacher’s classroom may even be their home, so spice up their space with book art. These amazing art pieces are not only created from old books, but also remind us about just how creative people can be!

Here are a few designs I love…


Note: Etsy is full of book-inspired artwork. The designs listed are designs we love but spend a little time shopping around. You may find something that is perfectly customized for your child’s teacher!

10| Big Box O’ Supplies

Teachers love teacher supplies. Whiteboards, expo markers, fresh pencils, ball-point pens. They are all perfect gifts for teachers at any time. Why not get together with some other parents and deliver a special box o' supplies to your favorite teachers. 

 Below is a list of items for teachers that you can order online and have delivered straight to your teacher.

Note: The items linked above are all examples of things I would have loved to receive as a teacher. Although they are affiliate links, these are examples of items teachers often enjoy getting at any time of the year. I know I did!


Wrapping it up...

Anytime is a great time to get a teacher a gift! It doesn’t even have to be your child’s teacher. It could just be a friend who is a teacher or your next-door neighbor.

I want the teachers in my life to know...

  • I see you
  • I hear you
  • I appreciate you

 That is why I'm ordering something for my child's teacher right now! 

What other unexpected teacher gifts have you found? Let us know in the comments!


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