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This powerful PDF is packed with a full school year of writing prompts (and then some!) that will get your learners thinking, speaking, and writing about critical issues while simultaneously acquainting them with the top skills this course assesses:
analysis + evaluation!

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Teaching EGP?

If you can relate to any of the following, you're certainly in the right place...

Are you doing the vigorous, teacher-head-nod yet?! If so, great news!

I've been on the EGP teaching path a long time (a decade plus!), and I've got loads to share regarding my triumphs (and trip-ups) along the way...

I'll help you teach this course... you don't lose yourself or your students in mind-numbing test prep. you don't waste your time on out-of-date strategies or unnecessary tasks. the experiences your students have *endure beyond* college + academics and into the real world.

Core Resources for Getting Started


EGP secrets, strategies, and expert insights you WON'T find anywhere else...

Unlock my all my collective, best-kept EGP secrets, gleaned from over a decade's worth of work teaching, training, and publishing for the course.


'EGP Shop Talk'
Digital Course Experience

Forget the kind of live workshops (in person or otherwise!) that leave you feeling like you just drank from an instructional fire-house...

And let's replace that with one-of-a-kind, expert-level guidance you can consume in sips and on your own terms, so you can teach this course with confidence.

If you're new to the AS Level English General Paper 8021 syllabus, this is the professional development you've been waiting for. 


FREE Resources for Getting Started

Just getting started and need a few quick wins in the classroom? Try these foundational EGP activities today!

Ultimate Guide to Teaching Arguments

Powerful and straightforward strategies that help you teach line of reasoning, context, counter-argument, logical appeals + fallacies in ways your students can readily understand (and appreciate!).


Brainstorming Strategy  

Introducing students to *lenses* can help them both generate a wide range of ideas *and* narrow the scope of the writing.  The Hand Approach tactic is the perfect tool for doing this!  Click the button below to instantly access the full library of resources for this activity!


Writing Prompts  

Be it Paper 1 or Paper 2, your students will need practice thinking critically and communicating clearly.  Use this giant list of prompts to stimulate ideas and share perspective in EGP!


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