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Just found out you'll be teaching a crazy lil' course this year, called 'English General Paper'? 

Or, have you been teaching the course formerly-known-as 'General Paper' for years, but taking all the changes to the syllabus in sips?

Either way, I've got your back! 

In the opening (beginner) modules of EGP Shop Talk, I'll walk you through a full overview of the course syllabus (8021!), we'll talk about all the changes from old course (8004, 8001) to new, and I'll share some snazzy best practices you can implement in your classroom, like, tomorrow...

(and if you're from the U.S., don't worry, I've included a bonus where we'll chat Common Core, too ;-)

In later (advanced) modules, we'll dig into the deeper work, from sorting through past papers and interpreting examiner reports, to lesson planning, resources, and course design.

If all of the above sounds swell, let's talk some EGP shop!


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EGP Shop Talk ~Advanced~ takes your professional development a step further and a layer deeper.

In EGP Shop Talk for Beginners, you'll learn...

course aims | assessment objectives | instructional best practices

Welcome + What to Expect

Beginner Course Introduction
Start here!  This video will acquaint you with your instructor (me!), my teaching style, what to expect in the course, terms to know, and how to navigate.  Definitely. Start. Here.!


Lesson 1

Transitioning to the new syllabus

In this session, we will find out what sets the EGP 8021 course apart from its predecessors by comparing it against the 8004 and 8001 course codes. 


Lesson 2

Assessments at-a-glance

In this lesson, I'll carefully unpack each assessment for this course, Papers 1 and 2. 


Lesson 3

Course objectives + skills

In this session, we'll dig deeper into the course syllabus by first taking a look at its three, overarching assessment objectives

Then we'll determine what skills you'll need to teach in order to hit these learning targets with your students.


Lesson 4

Changes to assessment structure
& mark scheme

In this session, we'll spend our time talking about the specific changes to the set-up of the assessment itself (including technical changes such as the time frames and language used on the exam) along with core adjustments to the mark scheme.
Even if you've never taught this course before, you will certainly make use of past papers, so this video is definitely for you!


Lesson 5

Adjusting your instruction for Paper 1

Now that you're more aware of the changes made to the mark scheme, we'll use this session to discuss how these changes can impact your approach to instruction, particularly when it comes to Paper 1 (the essay). 


Lesson 6

Framing your instruction for Paper 2

Since Paper 2 is pretty new to most of us (and brand new to the rest of us!), this lesson will give you a baseline for approaching instruction for this assessment.  Specifically, I'm sharing a few of my homemade guidelines ;-) for creating Paper 2 activities and marking responses.


Lesson 7

 Lesson plan inspirations: Paper 1

In this session, we'll shift from course theory to instructional best practices! Specifically, I'll be sharing one of my favorite lesson ideas for scaffolding writing skills for the Paper 1 assessment.


Lesson 8

Lesson plan inspirations: Paper 2  

In this session, I'll share two different lesson ideas to scaffold some of the reading comprehension skills your students need for Sections A and B of Paper 2. 



EGP + the Common Core (U.S.-specific)

In addition to carrying out the aims of this course, teachers are often required to meet other academic expectations as a part of instruction, such as our obligation to state/regional/local standards. 

So in this session, I'll talk about my process for aligning EGP assessment objectives with those of the Common Core State Standards, here in the U.S. 


Exclusive FB Group

Access to the *closed* Facebook Group  

Because workshops are meant to be interactive, I'm bringin' the spirit of collaboration to you, friends!

By taking part in this course, you'll be granted access to a private Facebook Group I've created *exclusively* for my English General Paper teachers. 

Imagine engaging with teachers from all around the world as we navigate our way through this brave, new course! 

The sole purpose of this community-run experience is to build a very special professional learning network for you, my favorite teacher peeps in the world! 

But don't worry, I pop in with Facebook Lives and check-ins when I can to answer questions and help you troubleshoot your curriculum. So yeah, direct access to your nerdy teacher pal, Jill...can't beat that with a stick! Woot!


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Need to know who the r a d woman is behind-the-screen?

Hi, I'm Jill Pavich, and I'm your go-to guide for all things EGP 8021...

A classroom vet since 2004, I live on coffee and lesson planning. Teaching is my absolute superpower, and much of my experience is rooted in Cambridge-related curriculum. Specifically, I've been teaching the General Paper 8004 course since 2008, and I'm also nuts about Global Perspectives & Research, which I began teaching in 2014.

As for EGP awesomeness, I've authored several resources for this course, including:

  • the first-ever AS Level English General Paper 8021 course book of its kind, published by Cambridge University Press, and endorsed by Cambridge International Assessment Examinations (CAIE)
  • the 'Scheme of Work' for this course, which I consulted for CAIE (available on their Teacher Support site)
  • the 'Learner's Guide' for this course, which I consulted for CAIE (also available on their Teacher Support site)

And I happen to be an accredited CAIE teacher trainer for this course as well... 

AND most recently, a Lead Trainer for Cambridge International!

So yeah, I dig on EGP like, a whole bunch. #SheNerds

I hope you'll join me as I offer my ideas, insights, and inspirations throughout this 7-day e-series! 

Total transparency here (though it's #nbd) joining this free course, you are also cool with opting in to my mailing list, where you'll get instant access to a cache of instructional resources, tips and advice for teaching, updates on professional development opportunities, services and more.  Who doesn't want that, dude(-ette)?

First. EGP Coursebook. Ever.

And I wrote it, yo!

Yep, the first-ever coursebook for the English General Paper curriculum is finally a reality!

I'll legit never forget hassling the Cambridge University sales rep (anchoring the back table) at virtually every workshop I facilitated until he finally took me seriously that I wanted to 'write the book on it.'

(So... shout-out to Danny for changing the course of my path in such a profound way!)

My dear EGP teachers, I hope you like it :-) Give me a shout-out on social media if you do!


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