The key to effective writing instruction?

Developing communication skills that actually apply to a world beyond academics!

My friend... 

it's time to stop white-knuckling your writing instruction!

Because guess what?

It's neurobiologically *impossible* to get a person to learn something they care nothing about!

If you want writing to yield real meaning in your learners' lives, you'll need to present it in ways that actually matter to the futures they imagine for themselves.


use modern, short-form, and digital-content writing strategies to learn the principles of academic writing, and to scaffold foundational communication skills.

A comprehensive set of lesson plans in a league. of. their own... 

These vibrant activities:

  • seamlessly blend modern technology with traditional writing practices.
  • intentionally mimic the same set of decision-making skills students use when writing essays.
  • focus on empowering (not just engaging) young writers.

What Teachers are Saying...

"Jill Pavich gives you the permission and freedom to explore what you instinctively know to be true, as a teacher, while also showing you how to align that ingenuity and creativity with the demands of the systems we teachers must work within. She's what we've all been waiting for."

Jen Marquis
secondary ELA teacher

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The Bellringer:
'The Social Classroom' Content Calendar (FREE BONUS!)

The Activity:
'Gen Z, Gen Me,' a classroom culture-building activity

The Lesson Stack:
5 innovative lesson plans that situate writing in real contexts

The Project:
a writing project that teaches argument while inspiring action


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