Real-world projects, real-deal results for your writers...


Writers ready to mutiny 😬?
Let's stop all that student-led moaning + groaning together, shall we ☺️?

Get your secondary students motivated and moving with the ultimate lesson-plan jetpack for catapulting them from burnt-out to bought-in...

🏆 5 different projects to unpack

🏆 5 unique, writing contexts to explore

🏆 weeks-worth of magic to be made

🏆 loads of learning targets to meet

🏆 and TONS of practical skills to be earned!

Build any of these projects into your existing units, or let 'em stand alone.

Sprinkle them into 'Genius Hour' sessions over time, or cycle through them one after another...

Either-which-way you slice these resources up,
we're talkin' real-deal writing skills gained + experiences had every, single time...

THIS is the stuff students can *actually apply* outside the academic orbit of your classroom!

And, trust me -- they WILL *thank* you for it...

〰️ what are you waiting for?!


EACH project includes...

Are you (really??) reaching your writers?

〰️ Maybe you’re struggling with sprucing up your usual system for teaching writing.

〰️ Maybe it’s been watered down by the ways of a standardized world.

〰️ Maybe you aren’t sure how else you could *possibly* teach writing better than you already do (without pulling a full-on, drill-sergeant 'boot camp' until they improve!).

So 〰️MAYBE〰️ you keep doin' what you're doin' because...
why fix what ain't entirely broke, right?!


So let's make it official, my friend...
Don't let the curriculum map steal your thunder...


It's time to DITCH the superficial song-and-dance of said 'scope and sequence'...
And give your lesson plans a reality check ✔️!

I am bursting with excitement to share with you...

FIVE secondary writing projects
that'll help you REIMAGINE your writing instruction!

Now to be clear...

That's a whole learning cycle's-worth of hands-on writing tasks that'll help you teach the foundations of writing while delivering the practical skills your students crave at the same time!

Ready to bust through the ceiling of your students’ usual, classroom writing experience and never look back?!


Wanna see what real-world writing looks like?

(HINT: it's loads more than just resumes 'n emails!)

Prototype + Pitch

No matter what kind of leaders they will go on to become, our students will need the combined power of energy and persuasion to win the world over with their talents + ideas.

In this lesson, students will redesign their school’s physical structure, then create a pitch powerful enough to get teachers and related stakeholders to ‘buy in’ to their design.

Tell Your Story

No matter what path our students pursue in this world, they’ll need the ability to position themselves uniquely as individuals. 

 In this lesson, students will pin down their ‘superpower’, or what makes them unique, then build a brand identity around it, drawing inspiration from the popular, obstacle-course competition show, American Ninja Warrior as a simple model of this concept in action. 

Fundraise + Advocate

Whether it’s for a company or an organization, in support of a cause or in response to an event, fundraising has always played a timeless role in helping us move forward as a society. But if someone is going to hand over their hard-working dollars, they’ll need some convincing.

Instead of practicing explanatory and argumentative writing skills in isolation, this lesson will weave them right into the timeless task of raising funds, in this case, through online crowdfunding for a local cause.

Get Visually Creative

In an image-rich society, the ‘flatlay’ is certainly in fashion. 

Fueling brands, businesses, and influencers alike, our media feeds are filled with aerial shots of meticulously arranged items, from food to fashion to just about any given slew ‘of our favorite things’.

 In this lesson, students will use the power of visual art to express ideas about literature in creative ways. 

Explore Multiple Mediums

In a digital era, text is no longer the only source of information for us. We learn about our world through a combined series of images, sounds, video, *and* text; our writers will therefore need to adapt to this modern style of communication in order to reach their audience in real ways.

In this lesson, students will communicate their perspective on contemporary issues by pairing text and images to share their message. you don't lose yourself or your students in mind-numbing test prep. you don't waste your time lacking a scaffold, resources, or direction. the experiences your students have *endure beyond* college + academics and into the real world.

Ready to give your lesson plans a reality check?!


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