'Tree' of Reasoning Activity

Teaching the elements of an argument (line of reasoning) to your ELA 6-12 students for the first time? You need this.


Line of reasoning, simplified.

Claims, evidence, interim conclusions, context. The elements of an argument can be tricky for young (or reluctant!) writers to understand. But this Tree of Reasoning activity is about to change all that...

The Assignment

This activity makes learning *visual* by likening the structure of a tree to the line of reasoning in an argument, and it encourages a hands-on, creative approach your students will appreciate! Your resource kit equips you with a colorful set of slides to introduce line of reasoning to your writers, a warm-up activity to launch their learning into action, and a student workbook for individual argument development + exploration.

Engage + Empower Your Writers...

Meet your students where they are in order to take them where they need to go! Get the ENTIRE kit of resources today for the steal-rate of just $12!

Got Questions?

I've got answers! Drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll be sure to get back to you lickety-split!


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