Research-based writing that gets students excited to learn more!

Research-centered writing can often be stuffy or *cough cough* boring, but it does't have to be. This project has just enough student-choice, and the right amount and depth of research to engage students while also forcing them to synthesize, paraphrase, cite, and present This project is a good one!

The Assignment

This project takes a common topic, like learning about different decades, and views it through a different lens...literally! Multiple lenses, in fact! As a group, students will take one decade and each student will view that decade through a different cultural lens. They will then do all of their secondary research with that lens in mind.

5 Milestones

The 'Through the Decades' project is broken down into 5 milestones. In Milestones #1 and #2 students will conduct secondary research about a decade of their choosing in an effort to create a living timeline to present with the class. In Milestones #3 and #4, students will conduct primary research to learn more about their decade on a personal level. They will interview a variety of stakeholders who experienced that decade through different lenses, and then synthesize their research (both secondary and primary) to produce a video documentary as a means of presenting their research. Then, in Milestone #5, students will engage in a true project-based learning experience when they organize a community event to share their findings, including their documentary, with others.

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