Super Lenses | Writing Project Pack

5 unique ways to showcase student writing, with a focus on lenses!


Essays are so.... yesterday

The 5-paragraph essay will always be the OG in the ELA class, but it's not the only way students can present their writing. Super Lenses gives you 5 new ways to present information through writing.

The Assignment

If you're familiar with the Hand Approach, then Super Lenses is going to look familiar. The Hand Approach encourages students to look at a topic through five different lenses, each corresponding with a finger on their hand. Super Lenses takes that concept one step further. Now, along with a different lens, students are also getting a different writing project. From Infographics to interactive poems to 1-minute videos, we are encouraging students to present their writing in a variety of ways!

Engage + Empower Your Writers...

Meet your students where they are in order to take them where they need to go! Get the ENTIRE kit of resources today for the steal-rate of just $12!

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