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'Writing, Rebranded': Kickstart Kit (Level I)

The 'Writing, Rebranded' Kickstart Kit is just what you need to return writing to the student-centered, self-directed process it was meant to be in your ELA classroom!

The Kickstart approach:

  • meets your writers where they are
  • takes their interests into account
  • motivates them intrinsically
  • situates their writing in real contexts
  • gives them control over their writing routine + direction
  • takes intimidation + overwhelm out of the equation

This resource includes:

  • 180 days of authentic writing ideas
  • step-by-step strategies
  • video guidance to help you implement 
  • mapping documents which help you tie writing to the standards
  • digital and hardcopy versions of the calendar
  • online tools that allow you to customize this activity
  • access to one, central location where all materials are housed 

Get ready to unlock intrinsic motivation + unleash creativity as your learners build up their digital footprint while building out their foundation for writing!

What People Are Saying:

I am stunned by the levels of creativity here, Jill!!! Amazing! I am preparing for the onset of 2020-21. Working with you gives me confidence because you and I are kindred teacher spirits. Thank you for everything all along the way 😊

Melissa Roche

You're a genius and a beast. I've been a fan of your work for many years and appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Mary Kenzer

Heck yes! Excited to dig into it all!

Dana Engliah

Thank you for being so awesome! I enjoy your outlook on teaching & feel inspired when I have had a dose of your work : )

Amy Moncrief