Make Writing Real

Reimagine your secondary writing instruction...

It's time to finally connect the way your students write in the classroom with the way they *experience* writing in the real world.

This is the professional development opportunity you've been waiting for.


Teaching writing is hard work... 

And grading writing is *not* for the faint of heart (am-I-right?!).  

But I’ll bet my lunch you'd agree that teaching our students to write well is among the greatest gifts we can give them.  

A clear + compelling command of language can open some serious doors!

So--being the fantastic teachers we are--we tackle that endless pile of papers with pride because we know the impact it can have:  

It’ll help them do well in the rest of their high school classes! 

It’ll help them get into college! 

And because of our guidance…

They’ll positively slay that 20-pager their college professor just assigned!

(Not to mention, Tyler or Chloe will send that dorm room email thanking us for all our help and general awesomeness 🙌)

But you gotta admit...there’s still something missing in our tireless work.
On their behalf, we grade mounds of essays, only for our detailed feedback to go overlooked.
We deduct points because our writers forego revision.
And the cycle repeats itself while we cling to the hope that--eventually--the lightbulb will go off.
But even as February rolls around, our students are still plugging out mediocre work.
Writing isn't valuable and empowering...
To them, it's but a necessary evil.
Want to know the real reason why? 
*leans in*

Our students can’t connect
the way they write in the classroom
to the way they *experience* writing
in the real world. 

Right now, according to our students, the end goal of anything written is merely an exam result, an admission ticket, or a grade on a transcript...

...and nothing more. 

They don't dig writing because the only writing they do is largely academic. 

Meanwhile, the way we communicate today is changing:  

  • Our writers understand hyperlinks more than they do Works Cited. 

  • They speak to an audience of many online, yet their writing in the classroom is for an audience of one

  • And their clever use of emojis is proof they understand what's meant by 'nuanced' word choice (an otherwise tricky rhetorical strategy!).

Add it all up, and here's what we get...

The way we consume + create information in a digital era is revolutionizing the way we write it, and that should affect the way we teach it, too.


If we’re going to ENGAGE our writers,

we need to make writing a REAL experience.

If we’re going to EMPOWER them, we have to ask ourselves:

We're about to whip these #whatifs into realities, ma’ friends :-)  

And our secret tool for flipping the script on traditional writing instruction?


 Make Writing Real:

  • places value on the process of writing, as opposed to the product 

  • gives students a genuine voice and choice in what they write about

  •  helps writers explore their interests, curiosities, and talents, and turn these personal passion(s) into real world impact

  • encourages teachers to use today's technology to make learning more transparent 

  • guides students in building a positive digital footprint and helps them (safely + responsibly) reach authentic audiences 

  • treats learning as the loud, messy, uncertain, and collaborative process it's supposed to be

What you'll get...

There are 7, core modules in this course, which are thoughtfully designed and carefully sequenced. These are the tools you need to pivot traditional teaching methods toward 21st century learning needs!

MODULE 1 | Foundations

Teacher, Transformed

Honest Truth: the teacher you've been to get your students HERE, is not the teacher you need to be to get them THERE.

Module 1 will help you (re)set the foundation for teaching in a rapidly-evolving era.  Through several, powerful activities you'll step into the mindset of a 21st century teacher and gain a better sense of how to meet your students where they ARE so you can take them to where they need to GO.

MODULE 2 | Foundations

Transforming Classroom Culture

Soft skills are in high demand these days.  And while it might not feel like these traits are actually *teachable*, this module will prove otherwise.

Inside Module 2, you'll learn tactical strategies for cultivating curious + creative mindsets, teaching the value (and art) of 'forward failure', and establishing *real* habits and routines that'll help your students smash their goals at school + in life.

Together, we'll set to work on cultivating the individual mindset and collective spirit of our learners.  

MODULE 3 | Foundations

Reboot Your Instructional Approach

With a global pandemic in our midst, an election year in progress, and the fight for antiracism gaining ground, so much has changed in our world.  And clearly, we've got a LOT of important work to do.

To steer you clear of overwhelm, Module 3 does the heavy-lifting for you:

From project-based basics + Genius Hour, to blended learning + best practices in teaching antiracism...consider this well-rounded module home-base for teaching with confidence in these unprecedented times.

MODULE 4 | Get Real

Modern Mediums: Student Blogs

Students have been blogging in the classroom for some time.  But there's an important key behind what makes these projects take flight or positively flop.

In this module, I help you build out the proper foundation for building a strong, (self-directed!) student blog project; and I share my exact system for helping your writers generate ideas, plan content, and manage their work.

MODULE 5 | Get Real

Modern Mediums: Student Podcasts  

In 2016, there were just 287 million podcast listeners.  In 2023, we're on track to have 1.8 billion (with a 'b').

If there's one medium our writers need to be familiar with, it's the podcasting platform.

And while it might seem all 'audio' on the surface, Module 5 makes it clear that creating student podcasts is the ultimate gateway for developing exceptional writers.

These lessons put you on the fast-track for getting your students started.

MODULE 6 | Get Real

Modern Mediums: Student-created Videos

When literally half the U.S. population of teens are spending 3+ hours on YouTube per day, it makes it an obvious choice for instruction.

But can video creation lend itself to *writing* instruction?

Module 6 walks you through each step of video creation: from visualizing to storyboard, field work, and editing, polishing and publishing. 

And it carves out the crystal clear connection between this creative process and the writing process along the way.

MODULE 7 | Plan, Structure, Launch

Planning + Launching Projects

Project-based learning experiences can be magical moments in-the-making. But they can also go really wrong if you don't have a set plan in place and a system of accountability. 

In this module, I'm sharing my step-by-step procedure for structuring project-based writing experiences for your students (no matter which mediums they pursue!).  

Once again, we'll cut down the overwhelm and make PBL super-doable for you while equipping your students with the high-in-demand 'superpowers' they need in a modern world.


Workbooks + Other Resources

 Many of the videos inside the course are paired with workbooks where you can record your notes, ideas, and instructional design doodles.  These downloadable PDFs also come in digital form. 

Also, each video comes complete with transcript + slide decks for download; additional links + other relevant goodies, too.

When you choose to make writing real for your students...

  • you make it less about exam scores and more about practical skills

  • you make it less about getting into college as product and more about learning as lifelong process're choosing to make an authentic, heart-centered approach to teaching + learning the cornerstone of your career.



"I'm blown away..."

"I'm blown away by the possibilities this creates for my students. I am excited to come up with potential blog + podcast ideas already for next school year to truly make writing real. 

Jill, thank you for your attention to detail, thoughtful + organized planning, and investment in improving education across the country."

2019 Make Writing Real participant


"It's what we've been waiting for..."

"Jill Pavich gives you the permission and freedom to explore what you instinctively know to be true, as a teacher, while also showing you how to align that ingenuity and creativity with the demands of the systems we teachers must work within.

She's what we've all been waiting for."

Jen Marquis, secondary ELA teacher + 2019 participant


"No wonder I'm hooked."

"Your instructions are so precise and come with all the pure wisdom gleaned from years of work. No wonder this course has me hooked."

2019 Make Writing Real participant


"Commitment + expertise..."

"Rarely do we come across such excellent, passionate and committed educators who are so willing to share their knowledge and expertise with their learners."

Naghma Shaikh, 2018 Founding Member


 Thanks to exponential growth in technology and innovation, this is an era unlike any other. 

We aren’t training our students for a uniform workforce. 

They no longer need to be taught how to perform routine tasks in a timely, efficient manner without creative deviation, aka the industrial assembly line.  

We’ve got robots and a one-stop Amazon shop for that.

And speaking of disruptive systems--from the empire Jeff Bezos built to Uber’s upset on the taxi cab industry and AirBbB’s hotel chain takeover (I actually lament the loss of Blockbuster...), we need our students to be creatively deviating now more than ever. 

This is an era of rapid creation, not passive consumption.

Our students need tangible writing skills that actually apply to the real world.


So that's where Make Writing Real comes's time to put an emphasis on what matters most for our students, not just what's measurable.




 ''our students today are not the same learners we were yesterday; to teach them now as we were taught then is a straight-up disservice."


--Jill Pavich, founder & CCO of edPioneer, channeling her inner-John Dewey...


Amidst uncertain + unprecedented times, here's what we DO know...


  • Roughly 60% of the jobs we’re ‘schooling’ our students for,
    don’t 👏 even 👏  exist 👏 yet.

  • The number one word used by students to describe school: boring.

  • Only 32% of 11th graders consider school engaging.

  • Less than half of our students feel valued at school. 

  • And just 34% of students feel like their teachers know anything about their personal interests at all.



BONUS 1 | Project Sample:
                   Documentary Directors

You didn't think I was just going to give you the system without a solid example, did you?!

PROJECT AIM: students will design and produce mini-documentaries in order to deepen their understanding of research and writing.

Documentary Directors inspires creative thinking, and it's totally hands on...students latch onto a self-directed path naturally.

Complete with warm-up activity and step-by-step instructions, you’ll take your students from script to screen with a learning experience they’ll thank you for and never forget.

"My students are so excited."

"I was telling one of my students about the passion project, and she got so excited. She said that in letting students learn about what they want to learn, 'you'll still get the same results, we'll just be way more excited about it.' So I told her to hold that thought because that's exactly what we're planning to do..."

Jodi Topping, Collier County, Florida



BONUS 2 | The Student Blogger Bonus Kit

2020 has taught us that technology can be our best-est bestie or our worst-est bully.

So let's side-step the stress.  In this bonus, I walk you through all-things-technical.

From which blogging platform to use + how to set it up, crafting blogging guidelines, obtaining the proper permissions, and maintaining online privacy and safety, this bonus'll give you all the quick-n-dirty deets you need to streamline the process for your writers!

"Flexible + dynamic tools"

"Project-based learning has now become the basis of all my lesson plans.  Every time I go back into a module I think of a different way to use one of the tools you gave us."

Beth Rubin, Palm Beach County, Florida



BONUS 3 | Make Writing Real, student edition 

Are you ready to team-teach with me, or what?! 

In this 45-minute video session, I'll walk your students through several foundational activities to jumpstart 'real' writing.

There's nothing better than doing this thing together, friend!

Meet Jill Pavich, M.Ed., NBCT

Pricing Options

Choose from one of two plans to best suit your needs!

3-PAY Flex Plan


PLUS 2 more payments of $87

7 CORE modules + lessons

related PDF workbooks + guides

related emplates + swipe copies

Transcripts, Slide Decks

Student-facing video to kickstart the process for your learners (Bonus #1)

'Virtual Campus' Google Slide templates for blended learning (Bonus #2)

The 'Student Blogger Bonus' Pack (Bonus #3)

'Documentary Directors', a SAMPLE project-based learning experience (Bonus #4)




1-time payment

7 CORE modules + lessons

related PDF workbooks + guides

related emplates + swipe copies

Transcripts, Slide Decks

Student-facing video to kickstart the process for your learners (Bonus #1)

'Virtual Campus' Google Slide templates for blended learning (Bonus #2)

The 'Student Blogger Bonus' Pack (Bonus #3)

'Documentary Directors', a SAMPLE project-based learning experience (Bonus #4)

The MWR Ultimate Blueprint (*exclusive* pay-in-full bonus)


Frequently Asked Questions

('cuz a little birdie told me you had some questions!)

Great question! Content is primarily delivered in video format, but you'll also have access to the video transcripts and lesson slides so you can consume the information however you'd like.  Workbooks, templates, and other handy teaching-related resources accompany most lessons as well.

This part is easy-peasy!  Once you purchase, you'll receive an auto-generated email containing both the email address you signed up with + a temporary password, plus a direct link to the course login page. Any time you want to log in to the course thereafter, simply visit my website,, and click the 'Login' button at the top. 

But for your convenience, I include a video walk-through of this process on the thank-you page following your purchase :-)

Forever, friend!  As long as the digital world will host us, anyway!  Purchasing this course means you have lifetime access to the CORE course modules, but do you want to know even better news?  Any time I update or add-to these lessons, you have access to that stuff, too! Yip, yip!

Course content is dripped out over the span of several weeks, so one module is released per week.  And I do this very intentionally. As the movers and shakers of Make Writing Real, I want us to *do* something with what we work on (this ensures, after all, that you get your money's-worth and I get the change I wish to see in this world!).  

This is uncharted territory for many of us, so we need to lean on each other to make-writing-real. By dripping the content, we are all part of the same experience, so that lets us pool our resources, insights, and know-how accordingly! Make sense?  

MWR isn't just a digital course.  It's a community. A full-on experience, which means that we are 'all in this together'!  Inside your digital dashboard--below each lesson-there's a convenient lil' comments box where our community of teachers can converse and collaborate back-and-forth.  Again, this is why I drip the content (see question above), because we are more capable of helping each other when we're stuck if we're all on the same page! 

While I encourage you to keep up on a week-to-week basis, you certainly aren't required to.  Once you purchase the course, it is yours, always, so you are more than welcome to go at your own pace as it suits you. 

And while you can't binge watch the whole course at once *right away* you certainly can after the drip experience is over!  So if that option suits you better, it's yours! It's up to you and what works for the time frame you have to commit to this experience.

Nah!  Again, the content is yours to navigate through at your own pace.  While there certainly is a perk to being up-to-speed, the members inside the course community will be happy to help you 'when you get there' and so will I!  

And you know how this goes: it's easy to feel overwhelmed the first time we're teaching something new; and we tend to feel that way until we've been all the way through the experience that first time.  So the last thing I want you to feel is that you're falling behind, because that is *so* not possible!  

As such, I purposefully include and encourage implementation time throughout.  That way, you can *do* the things you're learning about without having to rush, rush, rush.  I practice what I preach in terms of depth over breadth, yo!

Ooo, that's a good one!  It's highly dependent upon your school district and/or school campus and what their requirements are for awarding professional development (PD) or in-service points of whatever nature, but I am happy to work with you to get those requirements met.  

(Some requirements from your district might be, for example: course syllabus and proof of content mastery and/or a completion certificate, so I would just need to have proof from you-to-me that you are actively implementing course content with some degree of success, in order to issue that certificate, or to provide a signature, etc.)

So in other words, are you required to do your homework...absolutely not!  While *of course* my hope (and the way I roll out the course accordingly) is that you will take action on the ideas, insights, and materials I share; but I do not require you in any way to prove to me that you've done the work.  That part, my friend, is on you!

You know it!  I stand behind this course one-hundred-and-ten percent, but if you get in and realize it's just not right for you right now, you have 14 days ( and 3 module's worth of exposure!) to make that decision and request a refund.  

How about we start with who this course isn't for...

it's NOT for teachers who are looking for a magic teaching bullet that will ricochet into amaze-balls awesomeness over night.  Because as teachers, we're well aware...there is no. such. thing. Or we'd all have it already. So I definitely don't position this course as such, and my last intention is to attract a bunch of tire-kickin' breakroom complainers because I just 'want the money.'  Heck, nah, and that wouldn't be fair to the people who ARE in here to grow and transform.

So meanwhile, this course IS for those teachers who are willing to put the time and trust into the process of transitioning our teaching into more modern methods that speak to the tangible skills our writers need to see success in this world.  

It IS for those are willing to try, fail, and try again until they get their lesson plans just right for their unique population of students (cuz' that's what we do all the time anyway, right?!).

And it IS for those teachers who are willing to be bold and take a risk, who are willing to believe there is something better out there to seek in the name of our learners and future leaders.  I hope I answered that alright for you ;-)

Make Writing Real isn't just a course...

It's a movement in education and an *experience* which will change forever the way you view your instruction.


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