The Innovator's Challenge Project

Do you want to teach a fun lesson that encourages innovative and solution-based thinking? Then, this lesson is FOR YOU!


Challenge your students to think in an innovative way!

Teaching students to problem-solve is NOT easy. This project-based learning activity challenges students to think outside the box as they develop novel solutions to practical problems, just as innovators do! Along the way, they'll deepen and refine key skills in critical thinking and argumentation. Can you say, future-ready?!

The Assignment

This fun and collaborative activity challenges students to design and build solutions to world problems. The lesson is split up into THREE phases. FIRST, teams of students set to work in identifying a valid (local) problem that needs solving. They'll prep their case by creating an infographic of their findings. And the class votes on the best problem topic to tackle. SECOND, students will engage in several activities to unlock their creativities as they pin down a solution (followed by prototyping!). Whew, LASTLY: each group will pitch their ideas to a *genuine* audience for feedback, reflection, and further iteration! Isn't this what entrepreneurship is all about? ABSOLUTELY!

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