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Yes, you it yourself!

Are you smitten by the idea of using educational escape rooms in your ELA class but hesitant to design one yourself? Escape rooms are a great way to get your students immediately involved in the classroom while making the learning process a memorable one. This high-energy, instructional resource will help you DIY escape room activities that perfectly fit your unique group of writers.

Why is it worth the DIY?

Digital escape rooms are easy to make and can be created either by you or by students (even better). These video tutorials and resources will take you through the process of designing the escape room, deciding what will go in it, and building it out using Google Slides and Google Forms.

The Resource Kit

This resource is complete with resources for both DIY creation + ELA examples that can be used in your classroom TODAY!

Video Tutorials

Confucius or some really smart person said, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime" (or something like that). Today, we're taking that quote to heart. That is why we don't just want to give you a couple digital escape rooms, we want to TEACH YOU how to make your own!

Digital Escape Room Examples

How can you use digital escape rooms to help students dig into new content? We've included 3 examples in this product. The first is the example. This one is for you to see how you might use digital escape rooms to introduce new content. The other two escape rooms (Grammar + Characterization) cover basic ELA skills and are ready for you to implement into your classroom today!


In addition to the how-to tutorials, packets, and examples, we've decided to include a bonus video with a teacher who regularly uses escape rooms with her students.

Escape Rooms for a Digital Era!

Get this full resource today for $22. That includes all of the how-to information for creating your own developing and using digital escape rooms in your classes + 2 ready-for-use digital escape rooms you can implement in your classroom immediately.

Got Questions?

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