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Let's talk (more) shop...

Let me've made your way through the ~Beginners~ course and you're ready for more? 

If so, I've got your back! 

In the opening (beginner) modules of EGP Shop Talk, we strolled through a full overview of the course syllabus (8021!), talked about all the changes from old course (8004, 8001) to new, and I shared some snazzy best practices, too...

But the nerdy fun doesn't stop there, friends!

In EGP Shop Talk ~Advanced~, we'll dig into the deeper work, from sorting through past papers and interpreting examiner reports, to lesson planning, resources, and course design.

If all of the above sounds swell, let's keep talkin' that EGP shop!


Haven't experienced EGP Shop Talk for Beginners yet?

EGP Shop Talk ~Beginner~ is meant for teachers who are brand-spankin' new to the the AS Level English General Paper 8021 curriculum. Consider this Step 1 in your teaching experience!

In EGP Shop Talk ~Advanced~, you'll learn...

instructional guidance | planning strategies | best practices | lesson design

Welcome + What to Expect

Advanced Course Introduction
Start here!  This video will acquaint you with your instructor (me!), my teaching style, what to expect in the course, terms to know, and how to navigate.  Definitely. Start. Here.!


Guidelines + Instructional Advice

Continuing on from EGP Shop Talk ~Beginner~, we now head into Module 4!

The set of lessons inside this module will dig deep into course concepts, and it's where I offer my very best, high-level advice for teaching this course.

This is the kind of knowledge that will keep you from getting tripped up in the minutia by telling you where to focus your energy (and where NOT to!).


Planning Instruction

Module 5 rolls out the exact systems and processes I use to break unit and lesson planning down to a granular level.  Planning overwhelm is a common trend in this course, so the no-fuss approach I share with you in these lessons will keep things focused and simplified as you build out the learning experiences of your course!

I also share several brand-spankin’ new lesson ideas that are sure to hit the mark on both cognitive and social-emotional learning levels.


Project Design

Module 6 takes the EGP course to a whole. new. level. A skills-based course by design, this is the kind of class that begs for a project-based approach to teaching and learning.

In the lessons to follow, I take you through the foundations of project-based learning (again: what it is and what it isn’t!), and I break your project-planning strategy into an easy-pease system you can rinse-n-repeat.

We’ll take your chosen course topics and build deep learning experiences around them with your students, not just for them!


Aligning Objectives

In addition to carrying out the aims of this course, teachers are often required to meet other academic expectations as a part of instruction, such as our obligation to state/regional/local standards. 

So in this bonus, I'm building from the foundation laid in the ~Beginner~ course (where we talked all about aligning this course to other objectives).  But this time, I'm revealing my exact system for aligning EGP course objectives with any others, including (but not limited to!) Common Core.


Blending EGP: strategies for distance learning 

These are strange times to be teaching, aren't they?  So I want to support you in any way I can!

In this video, I'll share several strategies for teaching the EGP course from a digital distance.

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Get your ~advanced~ digital workshop on, ya'll!

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Need to know who the r a d woman is behind-the-screen?

Hi, I'm Jill Pavich, and I'm your go-to guide for all things EGP 8021...

A classroom vet since 2004, I live on coffee and lesson planning. Teaching is my absolute superpower, and much of my experience is rooted in Cambridge-related curriculum. Specifically, I've been teaching the General Paper 8004 course since 2008, and I'm also nuts about Global Perspectives & Research, which I began teaching in 2014.

As for EGP awesomeness, I've authored several resources for this course, including:

  • the first-ever AS Level English General Paper 8021 course book of its kind, published by Cambridge University Press, and endorsed by Cambridge International Assessment Examinations (CAIE)
  • the 'Scheme of Work' for this course, which I consulted for CAIE (available on their Teacher Support site)
  • the 'Learner's Guide' for this course, which I consulted for CAIE (also available on their Teacher Support site)

And I happen to be an accredited CAIE teacher trainer for this course as well... 

AND most recently, the first-ever, U.S. -based Lead/Regional Trainer for Cambridge International!

So yeah, I dig on EGP like, a whole bunch. #SheNerds

I hope you'll join me as I offer my ideas, insights, and inspirations throughout this experience! 

First. EGP Coursebook. Ever.

And I wrote it, yo!

Yep, the first-ever coursebook for the English General Paper curriculum is finally a reality!

I'll legit never forget hassling the Cambridge University sales rep (anchoring the back table) at virtually every workshop I facilitated until he finally took me seriously that I wanted to 'write the book on it.'

(So... shout-out to Danny for changing the course of my path in such a profound way!)

My dear EGP teachers, I hope you like it :-) Give me a shout-out on social media if you do!


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