EGP 'Shop Talk'

a digital course for teachers new to the AS Level English General Paper 8021 syllabus


Just found out you'll be teaching a crazy lil' course this year, called 'English General Paper'? 

Or perhaps you've been teaching the course formerly-known-as 'General Paper' for years, but taking all the changes to the syllabus in sips?

Heck, you *might* even be an instructional coach, curriculum specialist, or administrator looking to better support your newly-knighted EGP teachers as they begin this journey...

All above-options considered, and as the expert in charge...I've got your back!

So let's talk some shop...

It's one thing to attend a two-day training only to leave feeling just about as overwhelmed as you are inspired.

And with EGP, that's pretty much how it goes...I've *literally* witnessed it time and time again.

You see...with THIS course, you've got about a million options for course design, which feels pretty first, anyway.

And then the overwhelm sets in...

  • Which resources should I use?
  • What order should I go in?
  • How do I know if I'm teaching it 'right'?

Sooner than later, it can feel like you're teaching this teeming-with-potential course on an island all alone...

Which is precisely why I want to bridge that gap on a ~digital level~ with YOU!


 The 'EGP ShopTalk' experience lets you work through EGP course development at your own pace and on your own terms. 

(And rest assured, you *won't* feel like you're drinking from an instructional fire house because of it!)


[email protected]

The level of detail and sense of support you get from each and every lesson will feel like two teacher-pals productively chattin' it up on their planning hour...




If all of the above sounds swell, let's talk some EGP shop (below)!

EGP SHOP TALK | Beginner

course aims | assessment objectives | instructional best practices

Fancy a PREVIEW? CLICK HERE for *FREE* access to Module 1!

EGP SHOP TALK | Advanced

instructional guidance | planning strategies | best practices | lesson design

This is just the guidance your team of teachers *needs* to teach this course with *confidence*...


[email protected]

LEARN MORE ABOUT JILL (hint: she's awesome!)

First. EGP Coursebook. Ever.

And I wrote it, whaaaat?!

Yep, the first-ever coursebook for the English General Paper curriculum is finally a reality!

I'll legit never forget hassling the Cambridge University sales rep (anchoring the back table) at virtually every workshop I facilitated until he finally took me seriously that I wanted to 'write the book on it.'

(So... shout-out to Danny for changing the course of my path in such a profound way!)

My dear EGP teachers, I hope you like it :-) Give me a shout-out on social media if you do!


If you're ready to teach AS Level English General Paper 8021 with *confidence* on your campus...

EMAIL ME at [email protected] to learn about our multi-license pricing options for teams, schools, or districts,

-- OR --

Preview course content for FREE first (click here!)


This resource contains my interpretations of teaching the AS Level English General Paper 8021 course and my expert opinions as someone who has taught it.  All ideas, insights, and guidance are my own as a result of my teaching experience, and in no way reflect those of Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE).  I am in no way training or instructing on their behalf, and the course itself does not offer materials from their site though it may make verbal reference to them.  All website Terms + Conditions apply.

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